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An African Proverb

Who you are called is defined by who you call yourself. It is a self-defining attribute. You don't go to school to become an artist, although you can go to school and enhance and further develop your art. The t-shirt created at Our House was to honor the person who identifies as an artist and supports the work at Our House, too.

ICDesign STUDIO at Our House


(and Entrepreneurs)

Don't get stuck. Do you understand what it takes to survive as an artists in today's economy? Do you believe that you can make a living from being an artist? Are your prepared for the sacrificates and commitments inherent in being business for yourself (as an artist)? If you want to know answers to these questions, sign up for our class schedules for 2016.


Classes start Janaury 26th through March 1st

CONTACT: P. K. McCary at 713-893-1304

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