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The purpose of My Premier Basketball Showcase is

to create athletic and social programs that support and

encourage youth in becoming educated, productive,

and caring members of society. Part of our program is

to teach youth the productive mechanisms of team

sports, teamwork, discipline, cooperation, setting goals,

strong work ethics, and establishing moral values. We

teach these concepts through volunteer professional

athletes who are living examples of these principles.


Working closely with community leaders, our collaborative efforts combine the use of the sport of baskbetball along with basketball professionals as vehicles to bond with youth. Our goal is to forge a strong connection with America's most vulnerable youth, as well as fostering moral, spiritual, physical and emotional connections. We are committed to the idea that by providing young men with a wholesome, intellectually stimulating environment anchored in athleticism and supervised by a caring team of professionals, any child can embrace the challenges of success.




Kevin Allen, T. J. Ford, and Kegis Smith



My Premier Basketball Showcase takes place annually during the month of November and features basketball players throughout the greater Houston area. Subsequent months, My Premier Basketball Showcase collaborates and helps sponsor special sports events to help promote and showcase tournaments and special sporting events throughout the Houston area. By sponsoring and supporting these events, atheletes and their families who support them, get the latest news and updates of some of the most prominent and upcoming athletes of the season. 


Go to NEWS AND EVENTS for regular updates of current tournaments and sporting events, outcomes and statistics, updated weekly.


Become An Intern

My Premier Basketball Showcase provides opportunities to learn sports development and education from the ground up. By becoming an intern, you will be able to assist with marketing initiatives geared toward promoting athletic sponsored events, special atheletic activities along with marketing and public relations work for our annual showcase.


Please provide your resume and educational history to us at

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