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1000WORDS | 1000KALEMA

Exhibitions and Projects to Promote Peace

In 2010, two unlikely individuals, one from the Middle East and another from the United States, came together and created an international photography competition that gave support to the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. First, called just that--A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"--the competition became the catalyst for sharing people's view of the world through photographs. With almost 200 photographs submitted to the competition and the use of social media, more than 17 countries were represented in a competition that asked for photos that epitomized moments of "Inspiration, Poignancy, and Epiphany." The competition has done much more as the submissions gave us material for dialogue and conversations that CAN and DO bring clarity and understanding among our diverse communities. We hope that you will enjoy the journey and that these photographs will stir your thinking to be the change that we often only dream about.

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