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Judges (left to right)

Randy Hope Goodman, USA

Goodman has been photographing people, politics and event for over thirty years. She is nationally and internationally known for her exhibit: "From Beneath a Chador."

Zohrab Markarian, JORDAN

His love for photography, and his staggering talent, led him to be King Hussein's royal photographer. He spent 22 years chronicling the lives of the Jordanian Royal family.

Linda al-Khoury, JORDAN

Linda fell in love with photography when was given her first camera at age 12. Now she is following her heart and fulfilling her dream of owning a one of a kind center of photography in Amman.

Kyle "T.J." Fu, USA

Fu is an origami master, making beautiful origami pieces that express the creative spirit. He also owns Zen Art Gallery, an alternative art space for emerging artists.

Jana Hunterova, EUROPE

Jana's work searches out, reveals, and seeks to preserve the richness and vulnerability of modern cultural identity.

Anisa Medhi, USA

Mehdi is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and filmmaker with a speciality in religion and the arts.

Alvia Wardlaw, USA

Alvia is one of the foremost curators of modern and contemporary art. She is a professor of art history and the director and curator of the University Museum at TSU.

1000KALEMA Competition

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