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Bringing people together is what Think Peace International (TPI) does and the IDP Celebration is just one of many ways we do this. For the last few years, the International Day of Peace (IDP) has been shared in Houston, Texas and we've only just begun to inform people of the need for IDP as a regular event. The 2015 year's theme was Partnerships for Peace: Dignity for ALL. That year created a critical movement to answer issues of racism, injustices and inequalities that continue to permeate our socities ... where the lives of children are devalued, especially children of color and the poor. During the 2015 IDP, TPI created the nexus for DIGNITY FOR ALL. And while, it continues to be a beginning, there are more and more people who are signing on to perform acts of bravery to create spaces dedicated to giving dignity to ALL, working collectively and responsibly in building cultures of peace, justice and healing.

TPI and a host of individuals, groups and organizations will continue to be committed to children advocacy, working together to bring initiatives such as the IDP to communities of diversity. Our role is to work to build cultures of peace, justice, and HEALING for our world, especially the children. That is why the initiative developed by the North America region of United Religions Initiative (URI) is so compelling. In addition, TPI has made the initiative of the Right to Justice campaign (#right2justice) the additional tier of its work for 2017. Our mission is focused on those initiatives and campaigns that will support its work on building a better world for children. When children are at the forefront of decisions being made, we WILL make better choices. That is the HOPE of our future, our planet.

TPI Projects

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