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Our History, Goals and Mission

THINK PEACE INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2008 as a cooperation circle of United Religions Initiative ( called Think Peace Media and Communications Network. In 2011, TPI rebranded itself with its current name ("TPI" for short). Our organization does peace work and peacebuilding through Arts and Communication programming. We are made up of artists, educators, and social activists in more than 22 countries, building cultures of peace justice and healing for the children.
Our goals of peace work and peacebuilding are achieved through collaborative efforts with individuals, groups and organizations who are committed to peacebuilding in all of its forms.
Our Mission is to build collaborative peace initiatives through various peace movements, fostering peace in action. Finding mutual goals to collaborate on is one way that this can be done. By respecting and supporting the work of others, peace work becomes a reality rather than a dream.

Peace crane display at the Children's Defense Fund Conference in Cincinnati, OH, July 22-25, 2012 for the Riding the Peace Crane to Freedom project to end violence against our children.

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