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Think Peace's Annual International Day of Peace (IDP) has been held in Houston, Texas for the last three years. Each year celebrates the idea that we can build cultures of peace, justice and healing while shunning violence in all of its forms. Each year we use the symbol of the peace crane to emphasize this peace and this year is no exception. This year is represented by several peace cranes flying in formation, with colors representing the diversity of the flight and its people. The theme this year is PARTNERSHIPS FOR PEACE: DIGNITY FOR ALL and rather celebrating one day, we endeavor to take the week to find ways to bridge generational and cultural barriers. So, join us September 21-26, 2015 at Houston community venues and practice what is preached through the hearts and minds of the peace community.




Our Vision for the Future: To help create and support ongoing enrichment in the cultural infrastructure and support systems of Houston that promote and help bring about positive, inclusive, peace-centered practices throughout the community, that positively impact the mental, emotional and physical well being of all community members, and that promote a public image of Houston that is reflective of its diversity, honors its history, and supports all communities.

Our Mission: To interact with members of the Houston community that encourages involvement in the development of systems of action that will identify the collective community needs and strengths to intentionally build stronger coalitions to foster intercultural relationships across the greater Houston area. In addition, these interactions can serve to increase social justice practices and promote a peaceful, loving environment for all in the greater Houston community


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Each day are one or two events to promote the theme of Parnterships for Peace: Dignity for ALL. Educational institutions, social justice organizations, and groups would be welcomed to help us at these events. Please contact Eddie Garcia if you'd like to volunteer at 832.741.4139 if you are interested.

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