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To End Violence Against Children in the 21st Century, Give Them Tools to Learn, Grow and Succeed!






ICDesignSTUDIO (the “Studio) was created for local high school students to teach them the skills set of marketing, public relations, and graphic design as an art form and as a valuable tool in helping to understand the world around them and their place in it. The mission of the Studio is to “Improve” lives and “Change” futures—theirs and their community’s—by participating and working with organizations and on projects that enhance not only critical thinking skills, but also provide opportunities to learn about social issues affecting their lives. Join us the entire month of December to support local artists, but come and celebrate with us on December 19, 2015 all day for ARTISTS' CLIENT APPRECIATION DAY at 2501 Holman Street, Houston, TX 77004.


“Think Globally. Act Locally.”


The program has worked to help participants develop their creative talents into a tool for succeeding in whatever they decide to be or do. Participants are exposed to conditions of advocacy in peacemaking, social and economic justice endeavors, working with organizations that serve community, and people and places nationally and internationally. One of the first assignments was The Store Project, an ongoing/off-again project at Project Row Houses. The Store Project become a collective space for artists and their works. From the initial students of the Studio, more than 70 artists have formed this collective, which sets the stage for a future endeavor of more than a store--but a place to work and grow by becoming a part of the community as a whole.

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