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Photographs should encompass interfaith and peacemaking, that includes, but is not limited to:

FAITH, RESPECT AND SERVICE: People of different faiths are finding that service to humanity is a way to build bridges and eradicate barriers of dissent and conflict.

ANSWERING THE CALL: Disasters happen around the world and the response to those disasters have created some poignant examples of individuals and groups offering aid and assistance to those affected by epidemics, displacements, and other catastrophic events.

RESPECTING AND PROTECTING OUR EARTH: The environment is a precious commodity; more are becoming aware of all the ways in which we honor and protect Mother Earth.

DIALOGUES AND CONVERSATIONS: Communicating with each other across cultural and ethnic differences help us understand that we are a Global community.

SACRED SPACES, CEREMONY AND CELEBRATIONS: From Whirling Dervishes to Dancers of Universal Peace or from Gospel Music to Buddhist Chants, sharing sacred times in ceremony and in celebration and other venues can transform consciousness for a better world.

TRANSFORMING ACTS OF VIOLENCE AND CONFLICT: Peaceful demonstrations, acts of kindness--all are ways to transform acts of violence and conflict into actions of peace, reconciliation, and healing.

PEOPLE, PLACES AND CULTURES: We are the people living in different places of diverse communities and desiring to live in peace; whose stories can be told through imgery and art.

MOMENTS OF INSPIRATION, POIGNANCY, OR EPIPHANY: There are times when that one moment takes your heart and soul to a place of discovery and insight. Any photo can make become this representation and should.

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