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September 21-25, 2015*





Jenna Christian's research interests are situated within feminist political geography, and broadly examines how people experience and navigate geopolitical processes in their lives. Her past master's work (2010-2012) examined the diverse and changing meanings and practices of peace in Liberia. This research was done with members the country's women’s peace movement. It investigated how women did peace work in the "postwar" and what opportunities and constraints they encountered in their interactions with the multitude of international peacemaking and peacekeeping regimes.

Eddie Garcia is dedicated bilingual professional with over fifteen years of success in serving our community through the non-profit sector who is self-directed and an inspiring team leader. Eddie's work focuses on indigenous traditions that speak to the life ways of living and co-existing with others. He's the outreach coordinator for Think Peace International.

Joy Jackson believes in living life. It is her Life’s Manifesto to spread a little “Joy” love, passion, perseverance and information around the world. Her pursuit is simple: the human mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is its product-THE IDEA. She spends her time turning ideas into reality, and inspiring others to do the same. Joy is also the co-host of Under Construction Radio Broadcast on MJWJ Radio Station. Under Construction is a movement through radio that promotes positive engagement, and action in people and communities everywhere

Omowale Luthuli has been engaged in community building and violence prevention work in Houston for the past 47 years. Much of that time was spent in the Fifth Ward and Acres Homes communities while partnering with the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program and Communities in Schools-Houston. He has been the coordinator of the Martin Luther King Stop the Violence Workshop and Rally for 28 years and founder of the MLK Peacekeepers Initiative. He and his colleagues have made efforts to educate youth, advocate for survivors and panhandle for pennies and dollars to finance funerals for victims of random and senseless gun violence.

Noah Rattler is a lover of humanity, an investigator of reality and a seeker of opportunities. Each of these, he vigorously pursues because they are the solutions to all of the challenges we face as a society. Noah’s Walk follows Noah Rattler, as he walked from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California to raise awareness for homelessness. His journey covered 1,800 miles, over a four and a half month time span! Noah’s Walk talks about his accomplishments and challenges, while serving as a fun learning tool that teaches Civic Responsibility, Social & Cultural Awareness, Geography and much more… Noah’s Walk is suitable for all ages

Mario Salinas, Texas Deputy Director of Mi Familia Vota where he directs the overall strategic and operational responsibilities including staff, programs, expansion, and execution of our mission of empowering Texas Latinos through civic engagement. He is a competenent communicator familiar with the techniques used to give an effective speech or presentation. .

Sister Mama Sonya Lucas-Roberts writes, produces, directs and acts in theatre presentations on history/herstory of the ansisters, social concerns, women and children’s issues such as abuse, adoption, domestic violence, tobacco, alcohol and other drug abuse, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, abstinence, self esteem and health. 
Compose poetic expressions for a myriad of celebrations / occasions such as weddings, births, memorials, birthdays, graduations and just because.

Dee Dee Watters noticed what other people (myself included) in the community had not come to terms with the fact many of the fallen trans people being memorialized at Trans Day of Rememberance (TDOR) events were Black and Latina, but that the TDOR  memorial services were not doing a good enough job reflecting the diversity of the community. She believed it was past time for the Houston African-American trans community to hold a Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial event of its own to honor our fallen sisters and got busy making it happen. Using her voice, she brings attention to the fallen and brings awareness of those women whose lives were taken.

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